30 December 2013

dcemriS4 0.51

The R package dcemriS4 provides routines for the quantitative analysis of dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI), along with quantification of diffusion-weighted MRI (DWI) and quantitative T2 maps from CPMG sequences.  The latest version of dcemriS4 (0.51) contains a lot of modifications over the last 12+ months, mostly invisible to the end user.  Specific changes have been made to create a package compatible with R v3.0.x.

  • Improved usage of FORTRAN code.
  • Fixed broken links in the vignette.
  • Fixed bugs in the definition of empirical arterial input functions (AIFs).  

Estimated Ktrans values for a subject in the RIDER Neuro MRI collection from The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA).

Please post any questions or suggestions to dcemri-help@lists.sourceforge.net.